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You can see all your meetings for today and tomorrow.
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Accept all your meeting invitations.
Personal Stats
You can check meaningful data about your meetings.
Sticky notes
Keep all your important notes, and then import them to your meetings.
Book Meeting
Book Meetings from your Dashboard.

The beautiful and user friendly dashboard is an intuitive application of room presence framework and it's here to welcome you, get you up to speed on what’s going on and send you on your way.


Meeting rooms’ management

Book Meeting

Book Meeting
- Suggestion of the nearest room with a suitable typology;
- Different schedule permissions per user role;

Book Meeting

Set up you meeting
- Validation of your guest’s availability;
- Use tags to improve your stats;
- Set of To-Do list per guest;
- Import files to share;

Book Meeting

- Check your meeting schedule;
- See your team’s schedule;
- Verify rooms’ availability;
- Search for a specific teammate;
- Book meetings;

Book Meeting

- If you prefer you can have all the features of calendar in a different view.
It’s all about your choice :)

The logistic of a meeting will be completely simplified. With only a few clicks book a meeting room on your tablet, phone or computer by choosing the best location, the number of people and the resources you need.

Smart cancellation in case of absence of the host(s) | Integration with Exchange, Office 365 and GSuite


Improve man-hour productivity

room presence collects all the information
you need in one place.

We’re not talking about the time spended by collaborators on meetings alone but also about managing resources with advanced reports, filled with metrical and financial rules. 

Optimization of your meeting rooms

- Measure and optimize the cost-benefit or your resource's usage by detecting, e.g., which meeting rooms are being misused.

- Find other solutions to improve those spaces!

- Follow external guests and obtain information about the meetings in which they attend.

- Get detailed analytics to each user's participation - such as duration of meetings, total time spent on each topic, etc.

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